Shocked In a Bus Stop by Pepsi Max


Advertisers always try to find a ways how to catch a people’s attention, so the brand or company will stand out and always will be remembered.  The question remains where it should be published to be noticed. Television?  Radio? Newspaper? How about bus stop?

Pepsi Max launched  its latest campaign called “Unbelievable” on streets of London, UK.  They stunned citizens of the city with aliens, tigers, gigantic robots, surprising them with effects created using digital technology. To watch campaign, click the video below.

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The Twitter is Out of The Cage

Nowadays it is hard to find a person without a smart phone or tablet in their bag. The connect to the world is important because it lets us stay updated with a world news, check Facebook account or even “tweet” about a special personal moment of the day. But what if suddenly one of those was banned?

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan decided that Turkey should not use Twitter anymore due to threats and attacks towards country and its security. After the prohibition, telecommunication services regulation have been able to restrict the access to Twitter users by blocking the IP addresses.

Nevertheless, someone will always find a loophole in every law. Even it became impossible to tweet in traditional way, the public company instructions users to send tweets via mobile messaging. The announcement of restriction caused  a massive “tweet” wave from Turkey – the first hour 2,5 million tweets  was sent, making it a record for the company in the country.

Banning Twitter has received international support and criticism. Among them, The President of the European Commission who wrote on the social network itself that “the ban on Twitter in # Turkey is baseless, senseless and cowardly.”

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Linkedin, Welcome to Spain!

Linkedin successfully joined the social media leader board as a professional social website in which shows ones face to business in form of CV.  The aim of the social platform is to expand people network to have wide range of contacts that will serve for employment and partnerships. It was founded in  2003, but potential of the website’s usefulness was noticed only the last several years – while in 2006 the website had only 20 million users, on 2013 is has increased to 259 million acquired users.

As a “traditional” way, Spain preferred to use other sites when looking for the job where there is only a list of vacancies and a little information about the company or people who are working there. According to the study, 6 million barrier was reached recently in Spain, which is still increasing and it makes the country one of the top countries using Linkedin platform.  The study says, the use by gender is 56% of male and 44% of women, by age there is a wider range – 40% of users are between 25 and 34 years old, following range is 35 – 54 and 18 – 25 years old takes only 20 % of users in Spain. If we talk about the distribution of sectors that users work in most would be Manufacturing, Technology, Education and Medicine. For more study information you can press here.

It is only a start and the real potential of Linkedin is only in the beginning phase. It gives a wide range of finding a job or building carrier. Since the unemployment in Spain is a general country’s problem, which reaches 25%, it is a great opportunity to make the problem smaller. How can you do that? You can start by registering in Linkedin!

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WEBIST 2014 Barcelona


In a great city of Barcelona, the air is going to be full knowledge, inspiration and information. On 3-5 April will be launched the conference of WEBSIT 2014 (10th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies). It will be held n conjunction with CSEDU 2014, SMARTGREENS 2014 and CLOSER 2014, which all presents the newest information about IT and service science.

The purpose of this conference is to gather and bring together the researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the technological advances and business applications of web-based information systems. The conference has five main tracks, covering different aspects of Web Information Systems, including Internet Technology, Web Interfaces and Applications, Society, e-Communities, e-Business, Web Intelligence and Mobile Information Systems which will be covered by speakers from Europe and Middle East.

The conference will be held at newly renovated Barceló Sants Hotel. More information about the conference can be found here.

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Happy Father’s Day!


March 19 is Celebrated as a Father’s Day. This day the above dealer Ideas ideas importance of fatherhood and man’s Influence on the lives of Their children. For Most of the companies and brands, it is a great opportunity to take advantage in offering products through Their creative and persuasive campaigns.

Here is a collection of campaigns, from vintage to modern, that above dealer celebration of Father’s Day.


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Science Meets Business


During the Neuromarketing World Forum, March 5-7 in New York City, the latest consumer facts from the brain are shared at the center of the marketing world – New York City. This annual event merges science and business from all over the world and leads marketing managers into the new reality of how to do business. Researches from several continents gathered together to share their latest discoveries and opportunity to dive into the most important news formed by the neuroscience and marketing.

The benefit of the conference informs us of the new ways of business models and possibilities. It lets us to analyze the needs and thinking of consumer. As an example by Read Montague, he claims that the rewards are the key that opens the door of the brand to the consumer brain, which needs to be activated by the reward system.

The terminology and ideology of neuromarketing is still new to the world, although it is spreading in significant ways and speed. There are loads of new programs of neuromarketing opened every year for students of all kinds of degrees. For Spanish residents more information about the courses you can find here.

The Neuromarketing World Forum is expected in Barcelona in 2015.


A Scented Cacaolat Bus Stop


Years ago we were talking in our articles of ´intelligence´ of the great power of scents to awaken emotions in the assistant… the last to bet to this sense is Cacaolat, they have just installed a bus stop in Barcelona that sprays the scent of the brand.

This unique campaign for the brand has motto “Do you know the scent of pleasure?”. The goal of this original marketing, is to awaken the sense of consumers and generate the positive emotions toward the product and a great way to widthen the consumer circle.

Oscar Selfie

The Winner is … Samsung?


The latest Academy Awards brightened news channels and social media with several memorable moments – the award of Best Actor in Leading Role, which most of audience believed that Leonardo Di Caprio will receive, but even this time it slipped to Matthew McConaughey hands, the unforgettable and breath-taking debut of Lupita Nyong’o, pizza party and a Ellen Degeneres selfie. The snapshot, that the Oscar hostess took with her white Samsung Galaxy 3 and posted on Twitter, is one of the most successful event in social marketing history which can be compared with Oreo’s blackout tweet during The Super Bowl 2013.

The power of social media is increasing every day. While no one would put an actual price tag on the boost to Samsung brand, there is a abundant evidence of selfie’s value in form of social media. The legendary picture was retweeted more than three million times and liked 2.1 million times on Facebook just in few days, that is more than entire population of Singapore! Due to this event, the interest  of other Samsung commercials has raised among the internet users which was caused by other 40000 mentions during 86th Academy Awards.

Even Samsung was not mentioned in the original tweet, but Ms. DeGeneres did not forget to call out Samsung in the thank you tweet after the company promised to donate $3 million in honor of the 3 million retweets for two of Oscar hostess’s favorite charities and everyone on the Ellen Show got a brand new Samsung Galaxy 3. Samsung got its spotlight in really creative and intelligent way. “Best photo ever” for any company can be only “once-in-a-lifetime” tweet.

Coca-Cola In World Cup 2014

Coca-Cola Launches New Campaign For FIFA World Cup


The most worldwide known brand Coca-cola always surprises us with a creative commercials and unique campaigns. As the The World Cup is just around the corner, the soft drink brand has launched a new campaign for internet users, which gives them an opportunity to appear in a music video “The World Is Ours” by David Correy. The brand together with Talenthouse and Deviant Ventures have launched the “Moment of Happiness” which will be a part of World Cup anthem.

Coca-Cola encourages consumers to participate in the contest and be a part of their campaign to applier in the music video. Participants can do it by sending videos and at least twenty lucky ones will be selected for the Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup video. The final video will be released in April, which will be shared with among the channels and social media together. Nevertheless, three best participants’ videos will receive $1000 price selected by the jury.

Participants can upload their video here until March 20.

La Agencia MarujaLimon reconocida a nivel nacional en los Premios Letra


La agencia utrerana MarujaLimón consigue dos premios Letra Roland


La agencia de publicidad con sede en Utrera MarujaLimón ha conseguido recientemente hacerse con dos galardones en la edición 2013 de los Premios Internacionales Letra de Comunicación Visual y Diseño Gráfico celebrados en Madrid. No es la primera que el trabajo de esta joven empresa, que ha realizado ya numerosos proyectos, es reconocido a nivel internacional.

En este caso la organización de los premios ha decidido galardonar a MarujaLimón con el primer Premio Letra Roland de Oro en la categoría «al mejor trabajo impreso con sistemas Roland de Diseño Gráfico» y un segundo premio Letra Roland de plata en la categoría «a la mejor aplicación de imagen corporativa». Es un certamen internacional en el que se han presentado numerosos trabajos.

En concreto en la categoría en la que la agencia utrerana ha conseguido el segundo premio, el que se otorga a la «mejor aplicación de la imagen corporativa», lo han logrado gracias al trabajo desempeñado en la apertura de un nuevo centro deportivo en Utrera de 5.000 metros cuadrados, del que la agencia utrerana se encargado de llevar a cabo todo lo concerniente a la imagen corporativa.

Los Premios Letra Roland se convocan anualmente desde el año 2000 para reconocer los mejores trabajos de comunicación visual y gráfica de entorno. Edición tras edición los Premios Letra Roland se han convertido en el principal referente de calidad del sector de la comunicación visual en España. El jurado de los Premios Letra Roland, se reunió la pasada semana y eligió a los mejores trabajos de comunicación visual de España y Portugal, premiando las diferentes categorías.

MarujaLimon de esta manera, ha conseguido ser la agencia de publicidad andaluza con mayor número de galardones en esta edición de los Premios Letra Roland 2013.

A estos dos premios conseguidos hay que sumarle el Premio Agripina de Publicidad de Andalucía, conseguido el pasado Septiembre, y que galardonó a la empresa utrerana, con el premio al mejor proyecto de video de animación publicitaria de 2012 en Andalucía, en un proyecto para una empresa chilena.